Sex Art - Daniele

Sex Art - Daniele

Daniele - Watch You
Released: February 14, 2021

Cute Daniele is brushing her teeth, eyes wandering to check out her boyfriend in the mirror as he showers. As Andrej Lupin's erotic movie "Watch You" begins, the pretty brunette slaps Maximo's ass with her towel, then strolls into the living room, confident that he will follow. He finds her masturbating, and immediately kneels between her thighs to kiss his way down from her eager lips to her shaved pussy. Daniele plays with her big breasts as Maximo licks her skilfully, adding his fingers to make her gasp with pleasure...

She gazes into his eyes as she strokes his rigid cock, then guides it inside her, clinging to him tightly. He flips her onto her back, thrusting steadily in missionary position; passion rising, she rocks her hips up to impale herself deeper. Daniele turns onto her tummy and Maximo penetrates her from behind, her cries of pleasure growing more urgent as her man slams into her vigorously. He gives her an intense orgasm before rolling her over and fucking her until they climax together, his hot cum trickling out of her soaked slot.


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